Further information about Huisartsenposten

If you need urgent medical care in the evenings, at night or on weekends and public holidays, always call the GP centre first (there is a central telephone number for the whole of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen): 0115 - 643 000.

There are two after-hours GP centres in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen:

Huisartsenpost/GP centre - Terneuzen site

Vlietstraat 12, 4535 HA Terneuzen

Huisartsenpost/GP centre - Oostburg site


Pastoor van Genklaan 6, 4501 AJ Oostburg

When you phone the GP centre you will be connected to a specially trained doctor’s assistant. The doctor’s assistant will ask you:

  • for your personal details (date of birth, name, address and phone number). 
  • for your symptoms and what help you need. 
  • further questions about your symptoms, your use of medication, medical history (diseases, surgery, allergies). 
  • for details of your insurance, on a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). These EHICs are the only insurance items that a doctor abroad can accept. 
  • if an appointment is made, we will ask you to bring a valid EHIC card with you and an identity card/passport, so that we can make a copy for administrative purposes.

If you need medical care during office hours (weekdays; between 08:00 and 17:00), but you don’t know a doctor in the area?

You can call the doctor’s office and make an appointment to be seen by a doctor, who can refer you to a hospital if necessary.

Find a doctor in your neighbourhood (type in the name of the town/city)
Always call the doctor post at: 
0115 - 643 000 

If every second counts, call the emergency number 112!